Observe the intent set into each specialized photo. Some photos show the physical action explained in the text. While others embrace an energy or an overall experience. The added sparkles and smoke represent life energy and the elements of magical cosmic connections.

On the back of each photo you will find a few sentences of contemplation for cosmic expansion. As you read, allow your body to absorb the vibrations equal to the mystics in the high Andes. The second half of the text will walk you through simple action meditations to implement throughout your day.

Do not over think. These words offer you a path back to a simple and easy way of living. Embodying these practices will build deep cosmic connections and increase your access to greater opportunities. Observe how you feel before working with the cards and observe how you feel directly after working with the cards. This difference is how the practice has helped guide you.

I advise the first time you read through the cards to go in order as some concepts are built upon others. Once you have the big picture, I invite you to randomly choose a card to continue your practice of strengthening your connection to the Self and to cosmic energy. I also welcome you to just be with each photo and allow the Self to extrapolate wisdom from within. Spending a few moments listening and feeling the movement within your body will help to further integrate and expand your experience.

You may also wish to place the cards in common areas where they can remind you to connect. For example, if the task washing dishes seems to always feel like heavy energy, place the light energy card nearby as a reminder to put light energy into your mind and body as you are washing the dishes. Observe your thoughts and connect to cosmic energy this will assist with transforming the task of washing the dishes into a transformational event! You are now creating your playful life! 

These cards invite you to connect to the Divine that is all around you. Embrace this connection and watch your dreams come true!