Peru Adventure image
Amanda first experienced Cosmic Action Meditation while in the Peruvian mountains. This photo was taken on a return trip to the heart of Peru where Amanda was able to present the Cosmic Action cards to the mountains, the rivers, and to connect even deeper with Cosmic energy. Together, Amanda worked with the natives to capture their true essence and way of life as they connect to the Cosmos for daily survival.

Cosmic Action Meditation does not use anything outside of self. No gurus, no heroes, neither ayahausca nor substances. Your body will make its own electro-magnetic and chemical experience that is perfect for you.
Everyone in our communities from the oldest to the youngest may enjoy Cosmic Action Meditation – a new way of living during these unknown times.

It is Amanda's mission to share these divinely crafted cards, which act as a doorway into your own personal relationship with cosmic energy. Going through the cards step by step will lead you to greater connections, deeper calm, and contagious playfulness.