Meditation cloth comes direct from the cosmic sky on Ausangate Mountain. Woven by chosen light energy women with hearts full of peaceful loving kindness.

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Alpaca handspun yarn with tassels on each corner.  

Size: 16in x 16in (due to being handmade each one may different a little in size)

Each cloth has a different color pattern. 

One photo shows a woven-ceremony-cord tied around the cloth as one way to use the ceremony cloth. More ways to use the cloth is up to you. 

Cord not included in this item. 

Image color may look different than the actual item due to digital device variances.

Woven by the lady who lives on the mountain they call her, "The Light Lady". She has an incredible story surviving an attack with a mountain lion as well as being struck by lightening. The indigenous traditions mark this as a great passage into working with the highest of light energies. On my journeys I was honored to stay and work with her. In return I bought her weavings to support her family of three children and of course to share with you!