A 44-card deck of high vibration to create a personal action meditation practice. These colorful images, contemplations, and meditations are a doorway to build authentic connection within the self, to nature, and to family & friends. These action meditations offer a depth of energy that travels beyond words. Pairing a physical action with a thoughtful intent creates the bridge to transformational, universal energy. Dreams are real and we can live our best dream!

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Each card has its own unique contemplation and meditation. It is recommended to start at the beginning and travel through the cards in order as concepts build upon one another. After understanding the overall picture it is recommended you place them around the home as reminders or draw a random card each day to continue to build your personal practice of connecting to cosmic light-energy and clearing away heavy energy.

This deck includes a total of 47 laminated cards; 3 informational cards and 44 meditation cards all inside a burlap bag. Choose from a red or blue bag. The cards inside are a set deck of vibrant images to ignite the playfulness of connecting light-energy to everyday tasks.

Amanda's passion and dedication to experience a high vibration has brought about a magical tool for you to explore your own personal journey with cosmic energy. 

Card size and info: 5inx3in with vibrant colors on both sides of all the cards. The cards are printed on a coated semi gloss 18pt weight with lamination on both sides for a sleek brilliant finish.  Images, designs, and all card content is created by Amanda.

Action meditation will bring a renewed sense of authentic connection to the self and others. Along with manifesting your dreams and living a life of playfulness and peace!

**This deck is ideal for all individuals and all ages. Whether you are new to meditation or have an established practice. This deck is a tool to reach for a higher vibration and to be cosmic with your internal self. Cosmic Action Cards are great for those who do not like to sit for long periods of silence. The idea is to be in physical action while participating in awareness, consciousness, and observation with a beautiful intent for the good of all.

These cards are completely new and provide a different approach than Tarot cards. Experience this modern twist of learning action meditation from ancient traditions of living in wholeness with nature.  

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