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Cosmic Action Meditation is a revolutionary practice, rooted in ancient traditions for modern living. It is a physical action paired with intent to connect to cosmic energy for the good of all.

What does COSMIC Mean?
Cosmic energy is everything, the universe, the all-good God, our holy mother, and beyond any name, dogma, or gender. It is the essence of pure light and love and beyond anything that we can point to. It doesn’t fit in a box. It cannot be tamed. It is energy that is dynamic, interactive, wildly free, and magical.

Connecting the physical and the energetic worlds creates a synergetic manifestation for dreams to come true. Abundance, a peaceful life, authentic love, is attainable inside this union. Action meditation enlivens and empowers intent and works for all ages and abilities. It is our human privilege to uniquely connect directly with the divine.

Without earthly action, our dreams are fantasies. Marrying our action with beautiful intent allows cosmic light to shine into and through your whole being. This creates a deeper connection to universal expansion and inner expansion. With divine intent, you elevate your physical action with your human body to expand into amazing results that you create from deep within. Bringing earth to heaven and heaven to earth where it was meant to be inside your body, your mind, and your community.