To be SEEN & to be HEARD = A personal experience of authentic VALUE. 

When a person can feel the mirrored effects of their true inner worth, 

there is a light that is allowed to shine through the physical body like never before. 

This experience may feel deeper than anything your body has ever felt.  (No joke!)

It is a light of pure nobility! 

What do I mean? 

It is being truthfully seen in your stillness and in your chaos and 

being truthfully heard in your silence and in your noise. 

No gurus needed. Just a witness of our inner divine nature. 

A freedom that is greater than all the riches of the world. 

It is the soul being witnessed through the senses of the physical body which brings a 

new definition of purpose for the day.

Curiosity is a powerful subconscious tool. How curious are you to see the value of your life? 

We live in a world were we think we are being heard by expressing our opinions 

and we strive to be seen by sharing our selfies. But this is not the same. 

Dear one, you are deeply needed on this planet for the light that is your deeper self. 

The time is now, to grab hands and stand together for the good of all in authentic connection!

Because, when you feel seen, heard, and valued then you will discover your own answers and solutions in ways never imagined before.

Amanda Boots - Coily